Open Media Devroom 2016

As usual, the EBU organized an Open Media Devroom at FOSDEM 2016. The purpose of the event was to feature a series of cutting edge projects that show how individuals or small groups of coders can come together to achieve greatness. Topics ranged from identifying over-the-air audio, via software-based video mixing to using WiFi dongles to provide professional camera links.

Mind blowing contributions

The dedication developers put into their projects is mind blowing. In his yearly update, VideoLAN representative, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, credited a software developer from Syria, who regardless of the problematic situation in his home country, not only managed to ignore the fighting around him, but also to find the time, skills and an Internet connection to contribute subtitling code to the popular VLC player. His anecdote - like all presentations - can be watched online.

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Presentations & videos

Cloud transcoding architecture with FFMPEG - Jess Portnoy

Synchronised multi-device media playback with GStreamer - Luis de Bethencourt

What's new in VLC and libVLC? 3.0 or not? - Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Creating interactive experiences with video - Renan Gutman

Adding subtitles to the dash.js player - Solène Buet

GPAC/MP4Box.js - The swiss-army knife for MP4 in your browser - Romain Bouqueau, Cyril Concolato

What will be new in Kodi version 17 - Martijn Kaijser

Implementing a native Daala decoder in FFMPEG - Rostislav Pehlivanov

MediaConch: policy checking on FFV1, Matroska, LPCM, and more - Jérôme Martinez

What makes Upipe great for video processing - Christophe Massiot

Broadcast-to-IP conversion for WiFi indoor coverage - Alexandru Munteanu

Building a wireless camera from off-the-shelf wifi dongles and FLOSS - Kieran Kunhya

Over-the-air audio identification - Arda Yalçıner

Nageru: Taking free software video mixing into 2016 - Steinar H. Gunderson

Develop your own media portal using Kaltura -Assaf Berkovitz, Rotem Haber

i-score; an intermedia sequencer for interactive scenarios authoring - Jean-Michaël Celerier

Introduction to video reverse engineering - Vittorio Giovara

*Note: all videos are courtesy of FOSDEM, the EBU is not responsible for the audio/video processing.

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