The programme for the Open Media Devroom at FOSDEM 2016 has been published.  A series of expert speakers will present the latest on tools that help you create, transform and distribute media to a wide variety of platforms.


Examples of talks that are especially relevant to broadcasters, are:

- Cloud transcoding using FFMPEG and Mediainfo, to optimise the transcoding of videos for different devices;

- Synchronised multi-device media playback with GStreamer, e.g. to build videowalls;

- What’s new in VLC and livBLC, the must-see update from the Jean-Baptiste Kempf;

- Adding subtitles to the dash.js reference player, Solène Buet presents her work on adding EBU-TT-D support.

- MediaConch; tools for testing the conformance of audiovisual files and to fix metadata in audiovisual files;

- Broadcast-to-IP conversion, or how to convert incoming DTT signals to WiFi for Android and iOS devices.

- Building a wireless camera out of off-the shelf components;

- Over the air audio identification, an overview on how it works and what open source tools are available;

- Nageru, an open source M/E video mixer capable of high-quality output on modest hardware.

When & where

The FOSDEM Open Media Devroom is held on Saturday 30 January 2016 from 10:30 hrs at the ULB Solbosch Campus in Brussels. Entrance is free, no registration is required. But be in time, as seats in the room are limited!

The latest information on this event is available via the FOSDEM 2016 website. For more information, contact: Mathias Coinchon (EBU).

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