TVA Maintenance Process


The maintenance of the TV-Anytime specification is taking place in the framework of the ETSI JTC BROADCAST committee. This follows the ETSI procedures, i.e. an open process with well defined perr reviews.


When does a maintenance phase start?


Implementers should inform ETSI or more directly Jean-Pierre Evain ( or or there intention to propose changes. Thisb is sufficient to start a public maintenance phase during which others contributors will be invited to submit additional updates.


How often does it open?


A maintenance phase takes approximately 9 months. A maintenance phase has taken place every year since the publication was first published by ETSI.


Maintenance process in a nutshell


  • When a call for contribution is issued, the following steps are being defined:


1/ Deadline for submission of proposed amendments  to Jean-Pierre Evain (, using the submission form attached.


2/ Two months later, a summary of proposed amendments is released, and admendments are open for peer review on the TV-Anytime reflectors.


3/ One month later, amendments are approved/amended/rejected with results published on the TV-Anytime reflectors.


4/ Approved amendments lead to the submission of proposed Work Items by ETSI.


5/ Start of the ETSI process: submission of amendment according to Work Items, final editing, ETSI review and publication (up to 6 months)