TPEG - Transport Protocol Experts Group


TPEG Progress: Forum to TISA


Following the publication of the International Standards the EBU sponsored continued work informally in the TPEG Forum and Task Forces were established to ensure continuity of expert involvement in TPEG technology, as it was gradually introduced in the broadcasting service and consumer electronics markets.


The main purpose of the TPEG Forum was to maintain and develop the basic principles of TPEG technology that were established by B/TPEG.  Following several successful years many partners with the EBU saw a need to converge RDS-TMC technology closer to TPEG technology – both firmly placed in the TTI service provision market place.


Following a tentative period of co-operation (in RTIG) between the TMC Forum, the TPEG Forum and the German Project the Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) was formed in 2007.




TPEG Today: Implementations starting


TPEG technology has matured within TISA in the last two years and is now ready for implementation.  Several service providers have implemented services to test the market and many new applications are under development within TISA.

TPEG Generation 2 is already underway – using UML modelling and promising a better structured documentation with Binary and XML physical formats mapping.


Several implementation driven requirements such as Adaptation Layer specifications and Profiles are intended to help newcomers grapple with the myriad capabilities that TPEG presents to both service providers and client device designers.



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