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The EBU Technical Review is an online publication that provides an easy route to learning about the latest technological developments in broadcasting. Around 12 articles covering media technology are published each year, all written by industry experts and those directly involved in developing, testing and implementing the products and systems in question.


The Review, which has been published in some form since 1950, aims to make media technology and related developments accessible to EBU Members and the wider industry, including technical managers and operational staff.


Latest Articles & Archive

The most recently published articles are listed to the right. See the Technical Review section in our Publications Library for more articles. The library contains all articles from 1992 and as an extra several scanned ones from before that date.



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Technical Review articles usually include a yellow box containing a guide to all abbreviations used in the text. These abbreviations are also brought together into a single document that serves as a useful reference for those interested in broadcast and associated technologies. Click here to download the Technical Review Abbreviations Guide.



Suggestions, requests, etc.

For comments or requests related to articles published in EBU Technical Review you can contact its managing editor, Eoghan O'Sullivan (osullivan@ebu.ch).


Most Recent Articles

Crystal balls, tea leaves or maths: forecasting spectrum requirements for mobile services


by R. Beutler (SWR) & Darko Ratkaj (EBU)

Video based OCR
a case study


by M. Slik, H. Jongebloed & M. van Staalduinen (NPO)

Quality Control for file-based content at Yle


by Jouni Frilander & Ilkka Tuomela (Yle)

All Articles

In the Technical Review section of our Publications Library you can find the complete electronic archive of EBU Technical Review articles. It dates back to 1992 and has scans of a few older articles.
If you need a missing article, let us know .