Example of an end-to-end OBA broadcast architecture and workflow

Tech Report 042

This Technical Report provides a concrete and practical example of an object-based audio architecture and workflow, from production to broadcast and broadband delivery.

Open file (pdf, 2.4 MB)

Ten major European institutions consisting of three EBU Members, and several research institutions and manufacturers have developed and evaluated a complete end-to-end object-based audio broadcast chain centred on open standards and with a strong focus on real-world applicability. This is the EC ORPHEUS Project.

The ORPHEUS project published a Deliverable (D2.4) that describes its end-to-end reference architecture; an abridged version of this Deliverable has been made available to the EBU to create this Technical Report.

In Annex A there is supplementary information – in particular, use-cases – obtained from several sources, which can aid readers in their general understanding of the subject.