Tech 3370 v1.0

This document includes many updates compared to version 0.9. This version takes advantage of the implementation experience gained in the creation of the EBU-TT Live Toolkit.

Tech 3370 v0.9

Here is a list of changes between EBU Tech 3370 v0.9 and v0.8:

  • Introduction restructured and clarified including updated diagrams, summary of key points and example documents.
  • Example Scenarios moved to Introduction.
  • System Model edited for clarity and completeness.
  • Handover Manager updated.
  • Introduced content and document level facets metadata.
  • Aligned with Tech3350 EBU-TT Part 1 v1.1 both in content and styling. Inherited entities defined in Tech3350 are no longer included in Tech3370 to avoid duplication.
  • Node Conformance section organised for clarity.
  • Requirements for Carriage Specifications added.
  • Those example scenarios that are not fully defined by the specification have been moved to Annex.
  • A summary of the document conformance differences relative to Part 1 v1.1 added in Annex.

Tech 3370 v0.8