Changes between EBU Tech 3344 v2.1 and v2.0 (April 2016):

  • Front page font sizes and graphic adjusted to better match EBU Techs 3341, 3342 and 3343;
  • Table of Contents font changed from Arial to Trebuchet-MS;
  • Figure 5 moved back to §6.4 (originally moved for pagination purposes in v2.0);
  • A footnote inserted on the first page flagging the changes.

Here is a list of changes between EBU Tech 3344 v2.0 and v1.1 (October 2011):

  • Reduced size (basically halved);
  • Split into part 1: Distribution and part 2: Reproduction;
  • Change from a device-based approach to a generic approach;
  • Most of the diagrams are now moved to annexes at the end;
  • Equipment diagrams have a more comparable lay-out and include blocks that indicate functionality;
  • Inclusion of compliance checklists;
  • Inclusion of AC-4 and MPEG-H;
  • Explanation of how to handle DRC for various codecs, including 'presentation mode' for MPEG-4 AAC & HE-AAC;
  • Active normalisation in the distribution stage is now optional and meant to correct severe deviations only;
  • Details on how to handle mono audio presented on stereo and multi-channel outputs;
  • Distinction between the level on stereo and multi-channel analogue interfaces on home theatre equipment;
  • Automatic loudness matching in combined FM radio and DAB/DAB+ receivers;
  • Use of HDMI E-EDID is now optional, which increases acceptability for some manufacturers;
  • Support for -27 LUFS referenced devices is now optional;
  • Extensive down-mix advice to avoid arbitrary reproduction and to reduce loudness variances between consumer devices;
  • Advice on loudness normalisation in mobile devices such as Personal Music Players;
  • Updated FM alignment, better corresponding with FM networks based on 0 dBr MPX power;


Version history

Version   Date   Short description
2.0   2016, January   Complete rewrite, halved in size, but with new guidance
1.1   2011, October   Updated version
1.0   2010   First version