Here is a list of changes between EBU Tech 3343 v4.0 and v3.0 (2016, January):

  • Vastly expanded and newly written genre- and platform-specific issues section, incorporating the latest R128 supplement 4 ('Loudness normalisation for Cinematic Content')as well as R128 supplements 2 & 3 ('Loudness in Streaming' & 'Loudness in Radio'), with several new graphs and figures.
  • More detailed sections on Metadata and DRC (Dynamic Range Control).
  • Some streamlining and some elimination of outdated content
  • An expanded References section.

Version history

Version   Date   Short description
4.1   2023, November    Minor editorial changes only - content is the same as 4.0.
4.0   2023, November    See above bullet points
3.0   2016, January   Complete rewrite, based on 5 years of practical experience.
2.0   2011, August   Relative gate changed from -8 to -10 LU.
1.0   2011, February   First version