Version 4.0 (November 2023) added a Document History and Acknowledgements, as well as implementing some style formatting changes.
Here is a list of changes between EBU Tech 3341 v3.0 and v2.0 (August 2011):

  • Noted that max momentary/short-term measurements are reset when the integrated measurement is reset;
  • Added explanations and an update on the difference between the EBU Mode momentary and the ITU-R BS.1771-1 definition (IIR filter, time-constant);
  • Added a note regarding a potentially misleading text in ITU-R BS.1771-1 (p.11) concerning the lowpass filter;
  • Added the requirement for meters to indicate the LRA measurement is not stable during the first 60 seconds of measurement;
  • Updated  the True Peak measurement section, including the new minimum requirements in terms of tolerances (test signals 15-23);
  • Added new EBU minimum requirements test signals (#9 - 23);
  • Updated the scales section, more clearly identifying the EBU +9 and EBU +18 scales;
  • Added a note saying that individual channel short-term/momentary loudness measurements are out of scope of 'EBU Mode';
  • Added a reference to the ITU-R BS.2217-1 test signals.
  • Updated references.

Version history

Version Date Short description
4.0 2023, November Document History & Acknowledgement added. Formatting adjustments.
3.0 2016, January More test signals, clarifications
2.0 2011, August Relative gate changed from -8 to -10 LU.
1.0 2010 First version