Changes between EBU R 103 v3.0  and v2.0

  • Add introduction, including HDR;
  • Added details and background information on different video ranges in use;
  • Included visual representaiton fo the different ranges;
  • Explained difference between file-based and SDI-based use;
  • Changed Expected into Nominal Video Range (table 1);
  • Removed text duplication related to filtering interlaced and progressive signals;
  • Added note on Out-of-Gamut values;

Changes between EBU R 103 v2.0  and v1.1

  • Updated the text to express tolerance values as 'digital' ranges directly;
  • Removed different treatment of Y (was +3/-1 %) vs. R, G, B (+/- 5%);
  • Filter coefficients instead of time constants.