Summary of studies considering LTE eMBMS & LTE-B for broadcasting



This report summarizes studies published over the last three years (2014 - 2016) on the possibility of delivering terrestrial television using LTE eMBMS instead of DTT.

Open file (pdf, 3.3 MB)

In particular the report addresses the suitability of LTE eMBMS for a large-scale distribution of linear television services and the claims that LTE eMBMS would allow more efficient use of the spectrum compared to DVB-T2, including the possibility to achieve ubiquitous coverage on a single frequency channel - a reuse factor 1.

The above mentioned studies were based on LTE eMBMS as specified in 3GPP Release 13. Some of the studies anticipated a downlink-only mode and a larger cyclic prefix, than that in Release 13, to allow for a large-scale SFN approach; these extensions to LTE eMBMS Release 13 are denoted by LTE-B in this report.


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