The BPN series was created to allow the sharing of (mostly) Members-only information resulting from EBU studies.


EBU Positions (including Recommendations)

EBU Positions advise Members and also non-members on technical choices in our industry. The most important category is formed by the EBU Recommendations (R xxx). See the bottom of this page for D, I and N publications.


EBU Fact Sheets
Our Fact Sheets brief you concisely about a range of issues pertinent to your business. Some are for Members only.


Strategy Reports

The EBU Strategy reports explain technological developments relevant to managers. Also includes some EBU SIS reports.


Tech 3000 series

The EBU Tech 3xxx series contain results of EBU technical studies and often include detailed technical specifications.



A quarterly magazine bringing you news on media technology and innovation.


Technical Reports

Technical Reports typically provide an overview of the current situation regarding a specific technical topic.


Technical Review

EBU Technical Review articles are written by industry experts and explain technological developments in the media industry.


Test material

Test material (e.g. audio and video sequences) can be downloaded or ordered from our library. Some is for Members only.



Presentations from EBU TECHNICAL events, such as seminars and workshops. Most are visible to EBU Members only.



Discontinued (but still valid) series


D - Technical Statement

Since September 2004, the distinction between Statements (Dxx) and Recommendations (Rxx) has been removed.


I - Technical Information

To simplify the EBU document categorisation, this series has been discontinued. Published 'I' documents are still valid.


N - Technical Standard

'N' documents are available here for download, but no new standards will be issued in this series.