Automatic extraction of metadata: request for technology

One of the key task of the EBU Project P/SCAIE is to facilitate the introduction of new production tools based on the automatic extraction of information (including metadata) resulting from the analysis of audiovisual content.



In the first phase, the project has identified a set of promising areas with a particular emphasis on:


- Speech recognition

- Semantic segmentation and shot detection

- A/V copy & repetition detection

- Content summarisation





A set of specific requirements has been identified for each of the identified areas, and test material has been selected and made available by the project's members. All this information has been collected into a set of Requests for Technologies documents, which were published in the first half of 2009.



All EBU members which are not yet part of the project are encouraged to join P/SCAIE at any moment, to contribute with their experience, to share knowledge about tools, or simply to learn the basics of this exciting subject!