AgileRAI: a parallel computing platform for online content enrichment

AgileRAI is a framework that supports real time ingestion of video streams on which different machine learning techniques, such as global and local visual features extraction and matching, are applied in a parallel and scalable way. Extracted features are matched to a reference database of visual patterns (e.g. faces, logos, monuments) in order to produce a set of meta-tags describing the ingested contents. Furthermore, these tags are semantically enriched using open semantic data repositories. The system is designed with a scale-out pattern architecture based on Apache Spark, ensuring high-performance in Big Data management environments. This speech, given by Montagnuolo Maurizio (RAI), presents the underlying infrastructure and technology on which the AgileRAI system is built, including the design principles, as well as the use case implemented and tested at RAI labs.

Presenter(s): Montagnuolo Maurizio (RAI)