FORECAST is the EBU's annual seminar dealing with broadcast technologies, spectrum management and related topics. It attracts more than 100 delegates each year, bringing together broadcasters, network operators, regulators, policymakers, industry stakeholders and researchers.

This year’s programme will focus on the future use of the UHF band, including preparations for WRC-15 and the DTT roadmap, and on the elements which ensure that DTT and linear TV in general remains an innovative future-proof platform.

The event will kick off with a keynote speech from Andé Prhal, RTL’s Head of Programme Distribution, who will explain the group’s strategy for distribution. The next session will discuss the approaches that different stake holders (ITU, CEPT, EC, EU Member Estates, broadcasters) are taking to define the future use of the UHF band. In this context, the day will continue with an overview of where the TV roadmap is going in terms of standards, coding and compression technologies and the potential release of the 700 MHz band. The day will conclude with two case studies showing two extreme positions on the DTT evolution in the medium term. This will lead us to the panel discussion ‘Can an harmonized roadmap for DTT exist?’.

The second day will touch upon the similarities between broadcast and broadband and the possibilities and requirements for broadcasting to evolve with the audience. Several technological developments will be presented highlighting how they can contribute to enhance the DTT offer.  The panel discussion will focus on how the consumption of linear media has changed with the arrival of broadband networks and what is the impact in the roadmap for broadcasting. The day and the event will conclude with the latest news on radio including a discussion session around the use of the FM band after the digital radio switchover.

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