The EBU recognizes, encourages and supports outstanding technical solutions developed by Member organizations with the 'Technology & Innovation Award'. The annual 'Young Technology Talent Award' honours budding talent for an outstanding innovation or effort in media technology. Both Awards are now open for nominations Send us yours by 29 April!

Once every year, the EBU shines a spotlight on Member innovations and emerging talent in the broadcasting industry with the prestigious Technology & Innovation Awards. The Awards are traditionally presented at the annual Technical Assembly, which gathers the technical leadership from public service media organizations across Europe and beyond. This year’s Technical Assembly will be hosted by Italian broadcaster Rai in Naples, Italy.

T&I Awards and the milestone projects they recognized trace the trajectory of key advances and enablers in media technology. Laureate project include work on IP technology, 5G and AI. The Awards are now in their 9th year.

Winning a T&I Award brings accolades and visibility to the responsible teams or individuals, and the EBU provides opportunities for further exposure such as speaking engagements.

The deadline for nominations for the 2024 T&I Awards is 29 April. All rules and details as well as the nomination forms are available on the T&I Awards information pages.

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