The EBU Sustainability Summit returns on Tuesday 4 April, providing an opportunity for the media community to share experiences and best practices around sustainability measures. It’s an online event and attendance is free for EBU Members and non-members alike.

The opening keynote will come from Marinella Soldi, who chairs the Board of Directors at the Italian public broadcaster Rai. She will talk about why and how sustainability has become a priority for the organization.

There are three main topics on the agenda for this year’s Summit:

  • COVID and the energy crisis – where does the broadcast industry find itself after the successive shocks of the past few years? Is there really a “new normal” or are things returning to business as usual?
  • Travel and production impacts – how can the latest innovations in transport and haulage, materials, virtual production techniques, and travel policies help reduce the ecological footprint of making programmes?
  • Green streaming – what does the growth of streaming mean in terms of energy use and carbon footprint? What are the implications for broadcast organizations and how can we work towards more responsible practices?

For the full programme and to register, visit:

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