For the past 2 years, the EBU has been working with other partners on an EU-funded project called 5G RECORDS, in order to better understand how 5G can be exploited for professional media applications and work towards closing the remaining gaps. With the project coming today to an end, we look back at the EBU's contribution to the project.  

5G RECORDS explored possibilities brought to the 5G ecosystem in media by new components and technologies. The work was clustered around three main use-cases, which then served as the basis to evaluate the performance of the relevant 5G technologies in professional content production environments. They use-cases which can also be explored in this online interactive presentation, were:

  • Live audio production
  • Multiple cameras wireless studio
  • Live immersive content production

The EBU took part in several aspects of the projects, including the development of a media gateway and a series of trials to assess various performance aspects in the context of 5G Standalone 'Non-Public Networks', in Aachen, Germany and at Tivoli in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Besides technical contributions, the EBU also explored the regulatory framework surrounding the use of spectrum for 5G in media applications, as well as business aspects of these technologies, with the hope to provide a sturdier basis for policymaking.

We discussed the achievements and learnings around the project’s use cases in a series of video talks recorded at a recent EBU Tech webinar, together with project partners including TV2 Denmark, BBC, Ericsson, Sennheiser, Nokia and UPV.

In the following video interviews, EBU project member Paola Sunna gives an overview of the project, followed by Ievgen Kostiukevych introducing the technical challenges, Pavlo Kontradenko going in depth into the technical innovation they have achieved, and Darko Ratkaj explaining the EBU’s work on the regulatory and business aspects of 5G for professional media production.

5G RECORDS was funded by European Commission through the Horizon 2020 programme.

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