The new issue of the EBU's quarterly tech-i magazine is now available for download. The cover celebrates a pan-European project to develop a new production pipeline for computer-generated animation. Co-led by RTÉ's Ultan Courtney and Paola Sunna from the EBU Technology & Innovation Department, the approach enables users to employ off-the-shelf tools like smartphones and webcams, along with real-time render engines, to create 3D animated content quickly and collaboratively.

With contributors from Rai, VRT and Yle alongside those from RTÉ and EBU T&I, the project was a wonderful example of the potential for collaboration across the membership. It originated as an IBC Accelerator project for 2021 and will now form the basis of a new EBU working group to benchmark the solutions for doing CG animation in real time and integrate the best of them in a live pilot.

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