The EBU is surveying interest from its Members in a dedicated workshop for virtual production and LED-walls – teaching producers and crew members everything they need to know in order to make effective use of LED walls, camera tracking systems and related technologies in a TV studio setting.

If there is sufficient interest then the workshop would be held in 2022 as a two-day training session at a suitable facility in Europe, at a price of EUR 2000 per participant, and with the EBU contributing to cover the cost of hire for the facility.

To register your interest in such a LED wall workshop, please contact Paola Sunna by Tuesday 31 May.

A great option for productions, if done right

LED walls have captured the imagination of content producers by offering flexibility, a way to cut down on the time for set design changes, and a creative options not available in the past. They offer the same advantages as green screens and chroma-key solutions but eliminate many of the latter’s limitations – letting talent directly experience and interact with an artificially (re-)created environment, more natural camera perspectives, and even ‘motivated’ lighting, all in one go.

In short, LED walls help to tackle certain very specific production challenges particularly well. But LED walls also tend to cost more. An understanding of the benefits and technical limitations, the workflows involved, and the dedicated preparations to be made greatly helps producers and crew alike to use LED walls effectively.

Proposed workshop programme

The workshop for the two-day event would include:

  • Overview of the principles of virtual production in a LED volume, including lighting and dynamic XR
  • Hands-on session
    • Learning the steps from previsualization to the stage, for the pilot and architecture diagram
    • Simulating a live talk-show with multiple cameras, real guests, teleported guests and animated CG characters

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