The EBU is organizing a series of online workshop to allow sound engineers at EBU Members to produce immersive and personalized sound experiences with common Next Generation Audio (NGA) formats. The first one is on Fraunhofer’s MPEG-H audio and will be held on 15 September, 13:00-16:00 CEST. A second workshop will focus on the Dolby AC-4 format.

In the first workshop, experts from Fraunhofer IIS will focus on the production, the authoring and the transmission of immersive and personalized sound experiences using the MPEG-H Audio system.

After an introduction to the fundamentals of metadata authoring, a hands-on session section will focus on how immersive and interactive sound can be produced using common audio workstations.

The presenters will explain the MPEG-H Authoring Suite and guide participants through all the steps of creating object- and/or channel-based MPEG-H Audio content, how to monitor and export immersive and interactive audio scenes, and how to use and experience this content on MPEG-H enabled mobile applications.

The second part of the workshop will focus on live productions. Using the recently announced Fraunhofer Immersive Panner, participants will take a look at efficient ways to create 3D audio in production facilities that are only equipped with consoles for stereo or 5.1 audio. The participants will do 3D panning of up to 64 audio objects via a remote IP connection and a web interface. In combination with an MPEG-H Audio authoring and monitoring unit, that 3D audio is then turned into a completely defined, object-based and interactive MPEG-H audio scene.

Finally, using an A/V broadcast professional real-time encoder, the compressed signals will be streamed live to end-consumer devices in the Fraunhofer experience room.

The workshop is open to employees of EBU member organizations. If you are a sound engineer and are interested in the workshop, please get in touch with Paola Sunna.


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