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Against the backdrop of growing demand for public service media offerings during the coronavirus pandemic, the EBU’s AI and Data Initiative (AIDI) and PEACH project have together held a virtual micro-workshop on the topic of content recommendations.

Titled ‘May I recommend you a recommendations workshop?’, the event assembled a line-up of presenters from public service media organizations RAI, Yle and NPO, the University of Pisa, and from collaborators of the PEACH project, the suite of personalization tools co-developed by several partners under the umbrella of the EBU.

"It’s fantastic to see the level of expertise and experience that public service media organizations have now developed with of recommendation algorithms and tools", said Léonard Bouchet, co-Chair of the AI and Data Initiative.

Going beyond the obvious

The objective was to collectively identify promising emerging ideas, common issues, and, generally, ways to raise the bar for recommendation-driven media services. The discussion with workshop participants – which included representatives of the IRT, RTBF, DW, BR, SR, SGR/SSR, VRT, NOS, BR and the ARD – centred on all aspects of recommendations, such as algorithms, metrics, control, UX and curation.

"For us broadcasters, it was very interesting to get a better sense of the current state of the art AI in general, and recommendations in particular. It was also quite intriguing to get better insights from academic research", said Simon Taubert from Swedish Radio.

AIDI micro-workshops

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