How do you foster innovation within the boundaries of a 130 year-old company with 100,000+ employees? By using a technique that works well outside of those boundaries in a world with even more people! Welcome to Innersourcing.

EBU DevCon Keynote

For the second year in a row, the EBU has invited an expert foreign to the media industry to give the keynote at EBU DevCon. After PayPal in 2015, this year the floor will be given to Social Coding evangelist Robert Hansel, who works for what is probably the largest supplier of automotive components in the world (and which you may know better from your home drill), Bosch.

Several years ago, this giant company started the Bosch Internal Open Source (BIOS) initiative which aims to apply Open Source development methods, principles and practices within corporate boundaries. Guided by the BIOS values – Openness, Transparency, Volunteerism, Self-Determination, Meritocracy – Bosch has made it a mission to leverage collaboration across its divisions, foster innovation and support cultural change.

Lessons learned

In Geneva, Robert will explain how this works on the inside: what the Bosch set-up looks like, what they have achieved and learned, and how the InnerSource team wants to continue. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn how to break up silos and get the best out of your organization. What helps Bosch optimize their huge organization’s working practices may well apply to your smaller set-up as well. Register now for DevCon 2016.

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