Traditional, single and monolytic web applications can't support the load of requests generated by broadcasters' audiences. Being able to split an application into different processes and scale the expensive parts is key. The current state of the art is to use containers to build, package and deploy web applications. However, managing various applications composed by different modules becomes challenging when taking into account the efficiency of a cluster and the dynamic allocation of shared resources.

Broadcaster experience

At EBU DevCon 2016, Philipp Dressel from EBU Member, Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), will share his expertise in this domain. His presentation will show how to ship code to the cloud using Kubernetes, the open source system to automate deployment, scale and manage containerized applications. Kubernetes is used for the German broadcaster’s platform.


On Day 2, it will be time to get hands-on and discover the Kubernetes system, which was open sourced by Google using more than 15 years of experience in running planet-scale production workloads.

Come to learn more about this and other current development topics at EBU DevCon 2016. The event takes place 01-02 November at EBU in Geneva, so register now to save your place.  

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