As usual, the EBU will host its annual Open Source Meet-up at IBC 2016 at the EBU Stand, 10.F20, on Saturday 10 September 2016 from 16:30 CET. Started six years ago by a small group of four passionate, open source individuals, it is now a "rendez–vous" of 100+ people each year! The event is the place where open source projects in the media domain can be exposed to a wider community during a series of fast paced, lightning talks. 
Open Source projects and technologies do play an important role in media. They brings many benefits to broadcasters. For example, as media systems become more complex, the open approach helps to avoid lock-in and it speeds up the development process by reusing ideas instead of reinventing the wheel. Additionally, open source may also be used as defacto "software standards" or at least can help in quickly developing and sharing references or example implementations for new specifications. 
This is one of the reasons why the EBU started its EBU.IO platform, a place to quickly find projects, tools and experts in software relevant for broadcasters.
This meet up is an opportunity to expose new projects, long standing success stories and/or use cases. So, don't miss out! Join the EBU Open Source Meet-up at IBC to learn more!  

Call for presentations

If you have an open source project to pitch or a use case to present, please contact us to book a slot. See you at IBC 2016! 


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