The EBU's Strategic Programme on Media Cyber Security has issued a first recommendation (EBU R141) on Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks mitigation. The DDoS attack is the most common and relatively easy (and cheap) attack method launched on the internet. Its impact can be as far as the complete interruption of services.

EBU R141 - DDoS Mitigation

The new EBU recommendation lists a set of detective, preventive and corrective measures to be implemented by any media company that provides services over the internet. It also describes typical solutions deployed by media companies.

The EBU Media Cyber Security activity

The Media Cyber Security group is a focused activity were broadcasters CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) can discuss threats, issues and exchange best practices specifically related to the broadcast domain and the media industry in general. Andreas Schneider, CISO SRG and chairman of the MCS group said: "The past years have shown a serious increase in DDoS attacks against public broadcasters and it was necessary to not only raise the awareness but also guide our members toward potential solutions."

Participation in the MCS activity is open primarily to EBU members. Participation of non-Members is at the discretion of the group. Priority is given to media companies CISOs. To subscribe please go to the MCS page.

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