Nigel Laflin (BBC)


Nigel Laflin is Head of Spectrum Management Emeritus in the BBC Distribution Team. His responsibilities until the end of this year, when he leaves the BBC, include consideration of the future of radio and digital switchover of the UK’s terrestrial television services. Nigel has thirty nine years’ experience of frequency planning for analogue and digital broadcast networks, which was largely gained whilst at BBC Research and Development.


In recent years Nigel has worked to ensure that the necessary radio frequency provisions are in place to facilitate digital broadcasting in Europe. In order to achieve this, Nigel has taken a leading role in the EBU, CEPT, ITU and at all the major frequency planning conferences. At the ITU RRC-06 conference Nigel led the co-ordination and planning activities for Europe.


Nigel has managed many EBU groups and is currently chairman of the EBU Strategic Programme on Spectrum Management. He was also, until recently, chairman of the European administrations project team (CEPT FM45) which dealt with radio spectrum for broadcasting.