Hans Hoffmann (EBU)


Dr. Hans Hoffmann is Head of the unit on Media Fundamentals and Production technology in the EBU Technology and Development department. His team is investigating questions in regard to future TV and audio formats, media information management and broadcaster’s questions in bi-tri-media production environment, networks and media storage as well as Quality Control.


In addition, he oversees all standards activities of the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers as Engineering Vice President for the term 2011, 2012-2013.

Before moving to the EBU, he has been with the IRT Munich as research staff in Television technologies. Hans has been initiating and chairing a number of international projects in the area of TV production, HD and beyond, 3D, and file-based production and workflows.


He has been responsible for establishing the EBU HDTV Lab with key investigations on future HDTV formats and a number of innovative technology demonstrations at various conferences. Hans is a Member of the IEEE, FKT, SID and recognized speaker and contributor to international conferences.