IBC 2015: Want to know more about High Dynamic Range?

IBC 2015 High Dynamic Range Video Demonstrations





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HDR Standards


IBC Awards


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  • Hybrid Log Gamma wins IBC best paper Paper Session
  • High Dynamic Range Video: Status and strategies
  • Saturday 14:00 – 15:30 Emerald room
“This year’s winner describes a novel solution that could fundamentally influence how we perceive tomorrow’s ultra-high definition video,” said Dr Nick Lodge, chair of the technical papers committee. “In their very clear paper, Andrew and Tim explain how they brought together theory in engineering and visual psychology, along with practical experiments, to arrive at a high quality, flexible representation of high dynamic range video. This is creative technology at its very best.”
Andrew Cotton will present the paper, and Tim Borer will join him to receive the award on stage as part of the Awards Ceremony on Sunday 13 September. “We are delighted that IBC has recognised our paper on a display-independent HDR television system,” they said. “We believe that the technical solution we have presented provides the best universal approach for HDR, allowing it to rapidly become part of mainstream UHD offerings internationally.”