Big Data Initiative

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The EBU Big Data Initiative supports EBU Members' data and AI-driven strategies. The group brings together EBU Member delegates and EBU permanent services delegates, which are directly involved in carrying out strategic, managerial analytical, technological, legal, content-related or other types of activities related to data usage for their respective organisations.

The Big Data Initiative is a corporate, cross sector and industrial initiative of the EBU. It was launched in July 2015 to help Members leverage the potential of big data, and increasingly of artificial intelligence, in order to remain relevant on a fast evolving competitive market.

Main purposes of the EBU Big Data Initiative Group

  • Identify EBU and Members’ needs and objectives to feed into Members’ data and AI-driven strategies
  • Foster a comprehensive understanding across the EBU and within Member organisations with regard to data-related issues of relevance of the sector
  • Strengthen synergies among Members wherever appropriate
  • Develop and decide on the BDI action plan and workflows according to the above-mentioned needs and objectives
  • Propose priorities for the BDI in accordance with the general objectives of the EBU
  • Coordinate and monitor the BDI activities as set in the action plan
  • Provide a forum to facilitate exchange of information and expertise among all participants
  • Set up and run a community network involving external academic and experts
  • Keep links and cooperation as appropriate with relevant institutional and civil society fora
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