Webinar: Progress in CEPT on White Space Devices

The ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) of the CEPT has tasked the Spectrum Engineering SE43 group to study and propose technical and operational conditions for the possible operation of cognitive radio systems in the ‘White Spaces’ of the frequency band 470-790. The group produced the ECC Report 159 which has been approved and published in January 2011. Furthermore, the SE43 group was tasked to pursue its work to solve several pending issues from Report 159.

EBU TECHNICAL was and still is actively contributing to the SE43 work.

This webinar aimed to present the main outcome from Report 159 with regard to the protection of broadcasting and to explain the issues which are still under study.

For further information, you may contact Walid Sami (EBU) or Filka Hänni (EBU). 


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