WRC-15 Webinar 2013

The first two Agenda Items of WRC-15, scheduled by ITU for autumn 2015, are of high importance for the broadcasting industry worldwide. The first aims to identify addtional spectrum for mobile services, with UHF spectrum currently used by broadcasters being proposed for such purposes.

The second aims to define the technical conditions for mobile services in the 700 MHz band. On both Agenda Items the proposals and studies made by Administrations and sector members from different parts of the world diverge considerably, which predicts a big confrontation in the preparatory meetings of the Conference and in the Conference itself.

Broadcasting interests are also touched in other Agenda Items of this upcoming WRC-15. This webinar gave an insight into the issues at hand and into the different positions of stakeholders known so far. 


1. Introduction and background
2. List of Agenda Items relevant for broadcasters
3. Insight into Agenda Item 1.1
4. Insight into Agenda Item 1.2
5. Other Agenda items
6. Progress

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