IPv6 Webinar

This free webinar on IPv6 was organised under the EBU TECHNICAL Expert Community on Platforms & Services. A related webinar on the subject of Multicasting will take place on 14 February 2012.

While the initial IPv6 basic protocol specification was completed back in 1998, the main business driver to deploy IPv6 has come from the tremendous growth of IP enabled end points across the Internet and private networks, which is pushing the limits of the IPv4 address space currently in use and has led to the shortage of addressable space by the central and regional IP registrars. This impacts the way services can be delivered over IPv4 without incurring additional complexity and cost to work around the address shortage. In relation to the broadcast industry, this applies to contribution and distribution networks, sourcing or delivering content to other parties. This webinar provided some insight on the requirements related to deploying an IPv6 infrastructure and services.

Questions that were addressed:
Can IPv4 & IPv6 work in parallel?
What video relevant standards are working on IPv6?
Is IPv6 only for the public Internet?
How are Service Providers rolling out IPv6 to end users?
What do Content Providers/Broadcasters need to do to support IPv6 services?
Who has already launched IPv6 based services?
What happened during the IPv6 World Day?

Presenter: Thomas Kernen (Cisco)


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