Demos @ UHDTV: voices & choices of 2013

UltraHD over IP

A simple proof of concept demonstrating that UHD-1 can be carried uncompressed over an IP network with available equipment. Quad synchronized 3G-SDI signals – delivering 3840x2160p50 video - are encapsulated in four RTP streams and carried over a low-latency 40 Gig Ethernet network. Priority is given to these video streams to ensure they are delivered at the highest priority even when network capacity is saturated by other Best Effort traffic. (Demo: EBU, Cisco and Nevion)


Higher Frame Rates improve the quality of UHDTV
Part 1 of this demo shows that the quality improvement from doubling the frame rate on the selected test sequences results in an obvious and resilient increase in quality for all test sequences at 3H and 4.5H. Part 2 demonstrates that for the specific range of 120Hz vs 240Hz, the quality gain in frame rate increase varies even more per sequence. (Demo: Broadcast Technology Futures Group)


4k Reference Display
Canon will show their first 4k reference monitor and demonstrate wide color gamut and color reproduction, High Contrast (above 2000 to 1) and uniformity. (Demo: Canon)


Higher Dynamic Range

ARRI and Dolby will show the visual impact of displaying images in Higer Dynamic Range on a monitor compared side by side to the Standard Dynamic Range used for creating HDTV content today. The viewer can compare the perception of increased visual sharpness, the three dimensional depth and lifelines of color and light on digital and film originated content.   (Demo: ARRI and Dolby)


Immersive Sound Software Tools

A demonstration of the royalty-free open standard proposal for object-based audio called Multi Dimensional Audio (MDA). The demo will showcase a vendor's implementation of the proposed SMPTE specification (MDA) in a professional audio DAW post-production environment, allowing sound engineers and mixers to mix audio objects in 3D space, render and monitor to any configuration, or export a broadcast bitstream in the MDA object-audio open format. 3D playback of the immersive audio sound field is being presented over a 3D binaural headphone rendering. (Demo: DTS)


UHDTV Colourist Metadata

This demo shows UHDTV content derived from a cinema production pipeline and rendered to a HDTV display at BT.709 colourimetry. The benefits of using colourist metadata for rendering are demonstrated, as compared to not using colourist metadata. (Demo: Technicolor)


UHDTV in a small affordable camcorder

JVC will show their approach to record UHD-1 content and directly view it. A 4k camcorder and  projector will be available for the workshop participants to directly see the results. (Demo: JVC)