Sustainability Summit

The Sustainability Summit is the online event for sustainability specialists and enthusiasts. The 2021 programme will provide a full overview of all relevant sustainability topics with regards to their applicability within Broadcast, particularly PSM.

EBU Sustainability Summit 2021 is a one-day online event covering topics that are relevant to sustainability specialists who are working in broadcasting. The event provides a mix of EBU Members' experience, academics and industry specialists sharing relevant insights. The programme intends to provide a full overview of all relevant related topics.

This event is free and open to all.

On the agenda, we have:

  • Updates and strategic insights from organizations such as the UN and EC.
  • ITV's Net Zero strategy. 
  • Discussion on Broadcaster's Net Zero and Editorial strategies.
  • Technology section on how to design for sustainability, AI and 5G.
  • Breakout sessions on green production through COVID-19 given in English, French and German.

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