Quality Control

Broadcasters moving to a file‐based production facilities have to consider how to use automated QC (Quality Control) systems. Manual Quality Control is simply not adequate anymore and it does not scale. The EBU’s Expert Community on Integrated Production (ECI) has recognised the importance of this topic and intends to start an EBU Group on QC.

Checking state-of-the-art

To investigate the current state-of-the-art and to gather experiences from broadcasters, the February meeting of the ECI featured presentations on products from QC product manufacturers (Tektronix, LTRT and VeneraTech) and from broadcasters with QC projects (Swiss National Television and the VRT MediaLab). It also offered room for discussion amongst participants to what QC approaches are available and desired.


For more information on this topic, contact: Frans de Jong (EBU) or Elisabeth Ecoffey (EBU).

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