From P2P to broadcasting

The presentations given at this event:

14 February 2006
- Sessions 1, 2   
P2P story so far Robert Freeman (PA)
P2P networks as channel for networked PVR Keith Baker (Philips)
Peer-to-peerbased television using real-time video streaming Johnn Pouwelse (TU Delft)
Kontiki P2P network deisgn & experience Scott Sahad (Kontiki)
Octoshape live streaming solution Steven Alstrup (Octoshape)
Azureus & Aelitis Serving a millin downloaders Olivier Chalouhi (Aelitis)
Rawflow real life case studies Mikkel Dissing (Rawflow)
Abacast Distributed Streaming Michael King (Abacast)
15 February 2006    
- Sessions 3 & 4  
User behaviour & user characteristics in P2P networks Hakan Selg (Consultant)
New P2P business models Lars-Erik Ericsson (RIT)
Theimpact of p2P on ISP networks  David Ferguson (CacheLogic)
Overview of relevant legal aspecst Heijo Ruijsenaars (EBU)
BBC experrience on P2P legal issues Rob Kirkham (BBC)
DRM and P2P Frank Kamperman (Philips)



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