OBA Mixing Masterclass (Pilot - French edition)

New Object Based Audio (OBA) technology allows audio engineers to mix in a format that is flexible and provides better quality sound to the end user. OBA also offers several production benefits:

  • A single master mix can be distributed in multiple formats without creating a new mix for each format.
  • The sound engineer can work under the best audio monitoring conditions.
  • Storage/archiving of the mix is in a format that can be adapted to new distribution formats.

But how do you use OBA in practice?

To help EBU Members get acquainted with OBA mixing techniques and workflows, the EBU is organizing a first Masterclass on OBA.

Primary goals of this Masterclass are for participants to:

  • .. understand how OBA works;
  • .. learn how to mix OBA;
  • .. learn what tools to use for OBA mixing;
  • .. understand how OBA can be introduced in their own organization;
  • .. form a community of OBA mixers that continue to exchange experiences.

More information

For more information about this event, please contact: Paola Sunna (EBU).

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