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Networked Media Exchange


Networks today, Networks tomorrow

The Internet Protocol (IP) is becoming a dominant communications technology in broadcasting as well as in many other fields; new experiences in using IP for contribution have been covered. Also some new technologies such as optical switching are showing signs of maturing. This seminar has provided an update on the future of transmission technologies, as well as an in-depth look at some of the more familiar technologies.

Effective network management

Even if networks are generally based on diverse technologies, simplicity and uniformity in resource control are key elements for easing the operational aspects. Based on standardisation work and experiences gained in the operation of contribution networks, you will now know how to best monitor and control your network.

Questions addressed in this event included:
> What is the best technology to cover your needs?
> What performance could be expected from the networks?
> How best to verify that the required performance is being achieved?
> What compression algorithms to use?

Share your knowledge!

Any suggestions can be shared on: wiki.ebu.ch/seminarnetworks or by e-mail at: seminarnetworks@ebu.ch

DIRAC coding Tim Borer (BBC)
Codec tests results Adi Kouadio (EBU)
Optimal JPEG 2000 rate F-O Devaux (intoPIX)
File transfer protocols Peter Brightwell (BBC)
Networking for HD Philippe Lemonnier (Grass Valley)
Audio over IP Lars Jonsson (SR)
IP transport John Dale III
Video over IP Markus Berg (IRT)
Interoperability Chris Chambers (BBC)
Management Systems Shahin Arefzadeh (Dimetis)
Network operators view Ryan Korte (Level 3)
Where are my files? Luc Andries (VRT)
Quality Stefan Winkler (Symetricom)
MPLS Andreas Metz (IRT)
Network jitter Antoni Caceres (Tektronix)
HD over IP Networks Anders Nyberg (SVT)
File-based news exchange D. Debellemanière (Eurovision)
MPLS network Andy Rayner (BT Research)
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