MXF Masterclass

The Material Exchange Format (MXF) is of key importance to file-based broadcast facilities, but the format can be complex to understand. This 2-day Masterclass in MXF has enabled you to gain expert knowledge on MXF in order to better evaluate the operational challenges related to migrating to a file-based workflow with MXF.

Main topics covered

1. MXF's background
- Where does MXF come from?
- How does it work?
- What problems does it address?

2. MXF's structure
- Physical structure
- Metadata
- Essence
- Operational Patterns

3. MXF application
- How can MXF be applied?
- What crucial interoperability issues are there?
- How does it relate to your experience?




For more information, please contact: Nathalie Cordonnier (EBU) or Adi Kouadio (EBU) .