Multicast Workshop 2014

Many believe that multicast solves a lot of problems related to the online delivery of live content. Strangely enough, this 30 year old technique, is not widely used due to the fact that it is not supported by all service providers end-to-end.  The EBU Multicast Workshop was designed to share practical knowledge about how, in 2014, this limitation can be overcome, and how multicast can be easily deployed in your online live services.

The workshop was aimed at anyone involved in online video delivery with a focus on the general business and technical aspects related to multicast.  For instance, the advantages of multicast for broadcasters and how it differs from unicast delivery.  The event also explored how service providers use multicast in their own access networks for their managed services.  It covered why the Internet is not multicast enabled everywhere yet. Practical solutions were provided, including Automatic IP Multicast without explicit Tunnels (AMT), which is an IETF draft that is expected to become an RFC standard soon.

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