MDN Workshop 2021

The MDN Workshop is the annual meeting point for developers working on Metadata and Artificial Intelligence in broadcasting. It is open to the public.

The event is organized under the EBU Production Strategic Programme by Media Information Management and AI (MIM-AI) and the Metadata Developer Network (MDN), an active community for developers to share knowledge, learn from their peers, get feedback and collaborate on metadata-related projects.

The format will be similar to MDN 2020: a three-day webinar with in-depth presentations, demonstrations, discussions. You can register on this page.


The deadline for submissions is now closed. We welcomed contributions exploring Meta Data, AI, Data EngineeringArchitecture and Business Cases that encompass these fields. The presentations are the opportunity to expose problems, communicate on projects and propose collaboration via the EBU channels. The main topics include:

•    EBUCore and CCDM implementations
•    Vocabularies and taxonomies
•    Data models, ontolologies
•    Metadata quality
•    Metadata visualization

Artificial Intelligence (AI):
•    Automatic metadata extraction (AME) on audio, video and writings
•    Content tagging
•    Content enrichment
•    Social media analysis
•    Explainability of AI
•    Benchmarking of AI services

Enterprise Architecture:
•    Agile workflows in production, archives and distribution, CI/CD, DevOps
•    Microservice architectures
•    Cloud adoption in the context of media workflows
•    Breaking / Integrating data silos strategies
•    Architecture patterns applied to media workflows (event sourcing, event streaming, pub/sub, etc.)
•    Technology adoption strategies (buy vs. make)

Data Engineering:
•    ETL (Extract Transform and Load)
•    Master Data Management
•    Data Hubs

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