IP and Broadcasting

The event showed that IP is capable of carrying reliably large media files and streams to a large number of simultaneous users. The presentations given at this event are as follows:

2 May                                  
- Sessions 1, 2   
Overview of content delivery methods
Patrik Westin (SR)
IP & protocols for media delivery Mathias Coinchon (EBU)
Network structures:  internet & IPTV Thomas Kernen (Cisco)
Multicast technology & deployment Steve Simlo (Cisco)
Broadcaster's experience
Egon Verharen (NPB)
Eurovision BEST experience David Owen (Eurovision)
Peer-to-Peer distribution of media Franc Kozamernik (EBU)
BBC experience on IP Multicasting
Brandon Butterworth (BBC)
Zattoo - next generation of cable re-transmission A.Illes & F. Vass (Zattoo)
Tribler - an open source approach Johan Pouwelse (TU Delft)
3 May    
- Sessions 3 & 4  
DVB IP standardization overview
Muriel Deschanel (Microsoft)
Bluewin TV
Martin Feuz (Swisscom)
Hybrid - broadcast/broadband Dave Walton (Echostar)
ITU Focus Group on IPTV Richard Nicholls (Dolby)
Optimizing IPTV networks for television Oscar Rechou (Alcatel-Lucent)
Combining VoD, PVR & Broadcast
Michael eyles (BT)
DVB Home networks - DVB IPI-HN Group Damien Alliez (NDS)
The future beyond IPTV
Ralf Schaefer (Thomson)




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