IMPS Network & Learn

IMPS - Integrated Media Production Strategies - is an interdisciplinary programme run by the EBU Technology & Innovation Department, the Eurovision ACADEMY and the Eurovision News Group. This strategic programme is designed to help EBU Members move towards more integrated approaches to producing media content.

Opening Session
News consumption: changing habits and their impact on broadcasters - Henrik Keith Hansen
Findings 1: Management 101 - are you ready for the change?
•  Vision – implementation – pay-off? - Atte Jääskeläinen, YLE
•  Reshaping the newsroom - Simon Ward, BBC News
•  Bringing radio, TV & online under one roof: a critical look - Brigitte Vermeersch, VRT
Findings 2: Editors - Tools
NLE (Non-Linear Editing) systems at the BBC - Andy Quested, BBC
NRK’s NLE system comparisons - Hans Terje Flatlandsmo, NRK
Findings 3: Use Cases
• BBC Newsroom video production technical architecture - Andy Bocking, BBC
EBU TTF News Exchange in practice - Justyna Kurczabinska, EBU
SRF News production with OpenMedia - Dieter Fahrni, SRF
Findings 4: Emerging Practices and Skills
The increasing need for short, targeted and mobile News - Emmanuel Rottey, VRT
Multimedia News desk - Dorothée Krumpipe, Radio Bremen
The cross-media journalist: a view from the field - Camilla Thorning, DR
Findings 5: Tools & Apps
Metadata and search engines in practice: what does a journalist need to know? - Xavier Jacques-Jourion, RTBF
Mobile journalism - Solveig Merkel, SWR
Summing Up
Top ten countdown of integration lessons


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