EBU Village @ IBC 2005

Without doubt, the HD demonstration was the key attraction for most visitors. A victim of its own success, countless demonstrations were given during the five-day exhibition. By providing 720p50 and 1080i25 pictures side-by-side, the audience could judge the picture quality for themselves. Visitors were also informed on ongoing work in 1080p50 compression and they could enjoy part of the HD-remake of the (originally black-and-white) teleplay 'The Quartermass Experiment'. ⇒


Subtitling in AAF/MXF
In another part of the EBU Village several manufacturers, the AAF Association, the ProMPEG Forum, the EBU, and several of its Members showed ongoing work on facilitating subtitling in AAF and MXF. This work is not yet finished but the message was well-timed as many IBC attendees now moving into file-based production indicated that they were searching for integrated solutions.

Other village hosts
The BBC, DigiTAG, Eurovision, the IRT and WorldDAB also resided at the EBU Village during IBC 2005. Their demos included (amongst other things) broadcasting to handhelds, wavelet-based video compression (Dirac) and MXF testing services. Eurovision demonstrated its in-house development, the 'SuperPoP' and various EBU staff members helped the visitors with information on TPEG, PLT interference and other EBU publications. ⇒


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