Horizons 2022

Horizons is our new EBU event on distribution, media product and platform technology.

Note for participants: The online option is limited to the morning conference sessions and excludes networking, demos, workshops and social events, which can't be streamed. View the event description and programme outline here.

Are you responsible for distribution in your organization? Have you suddenly become a publisher of your company's products (once called services)? You're not alone. Many EBU Members have shifted towards a product-focus and a merging of many of the previously discrete distribution channels.

Similarly, the EBU is launching a new event that combines our previous FORECAST and BroadThinking offerings. Simultaneously we're revamping our approach to these events. Horizons 2022 will include a new stream focused on networking, which is the one element we feel cannot be satisfactorily replicated in the online environment.

Watch this space for more details. We're ready to try a different approach. Are you?

On the agenda

Tuesday, 15 November – Online platforms (MAGMANT)

  1. OTT for media organizations
  2. Finding media in the swamp of aggregators
  3. Afternoon breakouts
    • Video products
    • Audio products

Wednesday, 16 November – Reaching audiences

  1. Content has value only if it reaches your audience
  2. Advanced Hybrid Distribution
  3. Afternoon breakouts
    • Tomorrow’s broadcasting techniques and businesses
    • Broadband

Thursday, 17 November – Spectrum is the lifeblood of distribution

  1. DTT depends on the UHF band, and it’s under threat like never before
  2. But it’s not just about UHF; C-band and Ku band are also important


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