HD Management Seminar

Over 100 delegates from across Europe came to Geneva on 15 December 2004, to hear a dozen or so presentations from specialists about the options for HDTV in terms of programmes, economics, and technology, and discuss their conclusion.

The presentations were complemented by interactive discussions and demonstrations. Delegates were shown recently made HDTV programme material covering drama, light entertainment, documentary, and sport, and the needs of producers, scene makers, and actors were explained. Prices of HDTV production equipment are spiraling down, and new semi professional HD production equipment is becoming available. This offers the prospect of much higher quality than conventional quality professional equipment at much lower prices, and is thus something of a bargain.


The technology of HDTV is still the subject of much debate, and particularly the EBU Technical Committee's recent conclusions in favour of on progressive scanning for transmission, and its conclusion that for those who want to start HD broadcasting soon, the best option is the 720p/50 format. The reasons for this were the subject of demonstrations. It was clear that the discussion on formats was an open matter, and some broadcasters see other reasons for using the 1080i/50 format for production, if not for emission.


A whole range of impressive HD demonstrations were arranged by the EBU Headquarters, the BBC, and SVT . Delegates agreed that attendance had provided vital strategic knowledge for their decision making.


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