Guidelines for Digital Media Asset Management

BBC Scotland's DMAM solution: business leads technology

Setting up a DMAM platform is first a business issue: vision and strategy are key to define your exact operational and technical needs.
Illustrated with an in-depth study of BBC Scotland case, the Master Class gives you the framework and tools needed to fully comprehend the challenges of DMAM and contribute to the design and implementation of your broadcaster's solution.

    • What do we mean by Digital Media Asset Management?
    • Is a DMAM platform a necessary component of a multiplatform delivery production chain?
    • Who should I involve, and when, from management to subcontractors when developing a DMAM project?
    • What are the Do's and Don'ts

These are the key questions that the Master Class will help you to answer for your own DMAM project.

Who should attend

Senior Broadcast, Content and Project managers involved in setting up a Media Asset Management solution in their organisation.
No expert knowledge is required.

What outcome for you

    • Identify the key components and functions of a DMAM system,
    • Acquire a methodology to develop and implement a successful DMAM project,
    • Assess the pros and cons of "off the shelf" vs. "customized" DMAM solution.


Module 1: Introduction to DMAM
Module 2: DMAM & BBC Scotland experience - The background
Module 3: Workflows
Module 4: Functions & Formats
Module 5: Functions & metadata

Module 6: Selecting a DMAM System
Module 7: DMAM & BBC Scotland : The choices
Module 8: Business Architectures & Integration
Module 9: Participants' projects 


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