Yannick Lelouédec (Orange)


Yannick Le Louédec is an R&D project manager at Orange Labs. He holds an engineering degree in telecommunications from the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Telecommunications de Bretagne".

He is currently the Project Coordinator of the European Project FP7 OCEAN (Open ContEnt Aware Networks).

He has been working for Orange Labs for nine years where he has been successively in charge of research activities on Optical Networks, IP Networks and Content Delivery Networks, including specification of network architectures, development of innovative technologies and software tools (e.g. traffic engineering tools, Internet tomography & peering management tools), standardization management, strategic partnerships, and involvement in French and European collaborative research projects.




New Generation Content Distribution networks


Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have become the cornerstone of online multimedia content delivery. About one third of all internet media traffic is delivered through CDNs. This outstanding success of CDN technology is the best proof of the soundness of initial technical orientations taken more than a decade ago.


But the current evolution of online media delivery marks the beginning of a new era for which the current CDNs are not necessarily perfectly well adapted.


Users expect now all content to be available any time, and to be displayed with a TV-like experience on all screens. Content providers require from CDNs global coverage and scalability, support of all media technologies they need to use, straightforward integration with their back-end technologies, ability to handle high peak events, real-time monitoring and alerting, ... all at the right price!


The CDN Market continues to grow, both in terms of revenue and players. This leads many content providers to use multiple CDNs to deliver their content, as a way to reduce costs and avoid having single point of failure. Major players are also eager to foster CDN interconnection in order to scale up their capacity and footprint.


This presentation will provide insights on recent initiatives from market stakeholders and standardization bodies to meet these challenges.